Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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Would you like to be part of a Round Dance organization that meets 3 times a year with wonderful dancing, teaching and fellowship? Would you like to know which dances are being taught and danced across the country?

What dancer wouldn't?

DRDC has been a significant factor in promoting the growth and enjoyment of round dancing. Besides the fun of a weekend dance experience, it accomplishes positive growth.

Both teachers and dancers are welcome and important as members of DRDC.

DRDC offers a great monthly newsletter, and dance meetings 3 times a year.

Nationally recognized teachers are regular features at our dance meetings.

New teachers gain experience at the dance meetings by having an opportunity to teach before a large group.

New dancers are exposed to a variety of cuers and teachers and can learn from the more-experienced dancers as well. They learn dances they might not otherwise get to enjoy.

More experienced dancers get a chance to practice the more challenging dance routines. It’s a broadening experience for everyone.

Don't miss out for another day! Send in your membership application and become a part of the Dixie Round Dance Council.




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