Meeting Guidelines

The purpose of these guidelines is to assist present and future officers, members, teachers, and cuers in the planning and implementation of DRDC meetings/dances.


The Chairman will seek the advice of the Officers and the Advisory Board on any issue thought to have potential of causing Members to complain.

For teachers using minidisks, please use the DRDC standard format for minidisk recordings:  the "left" channel (the white jack on some machines) for music and the "right" channel (the red jack on some machines) for the cuer's voice, and that the two channels be balanced as well as possible when recording.

The Vice-Chairman is responsible for obtaining volunteer cuers for the dance program at every DRDC dance.

Advisory Board

The DRDC Advisory Board consists of the past four (active) Chairmen:
2006-2008 Sandy Teague Ritcey
2003-2006 Gup & Anne Gupton
2000-2003 Linda Crow
1998-1999 Ken & Irene Slater

Current Officers

The current DRDC Officers are:

Chairman: Tim Eum, 256-642-1024
437 Nature's Way SW Huntsville, AL 35824-3116

Vice Chairman: Connie Goodman

Secretary: Carol & Bill Collins,
1311 Fantasia St., Greenville, NC 27858

Treasurer: Bob Bradley & Marilyn Kurata, 205-823-0591
600 Paden Dr, Birmingham, AL 35226-2820

Appointed Positions

There are several positions appointed by the Chairman. The current appointees and their responsibilities are as follows:

Membership Chairman - This position is not currently active.

Education Chairman Harold & Meredith Sears
Responsible for writing educational articles, and/or collecting and editing educational articles written by others, to be published in the DRDC Newsletter.

DRDC Newsletter Editor Karen & Ken Wiley
This position is appointed by the DRDC Advisory Board with responsibility for publishing the DRDC Newsletter.

Local Meeting/Dance Coordinators
DRDC meetings are currently being held in Birmingham, AL and
Chattanooga, TN. The current DRDC Local Coordinators are:

Martha Weber & Art Drott
(205) 979-6657
Bob Stephens (423) 488-3652
Bob Stephens (423) 488-3652

Although these cities are currently chosen to be the Host Sites for DRDC meetings, there is no reason that other cities in the three Founding States, AL, GA, TN, couldn’t be chosen for future meetings.

Coordinators are responsible for:

  1. Locating and reserving a suitable dance facility well in advance.
  2. Providing refreshments and snacks for Friday night, Saturday morning, and Saturday evening.
  3. Providing speakers for the sound equipment to use.
  4. Arranging for a local teacher to bring a backup turntable/amplifier and minidisk.
  5. Providing emergency information: phone number for ambulance, address for hospital.
  6. Selecting the host hotel(s), negotiating favorable rates, reserving a block of rooms, and releasing unneeded rooms.
  7. Providing a list of local restaurants, with driving directions from the hall.
  8. Clean-up of all facilities used.
  9. Identification of any unusual equipment needs and inform the DRDC chairman in advance.
  10. Arranging for security, if needed.
  11. Submitting a request to the DRDC treasurer for reimbursement for approved expenses.
  12. Coordinating an After-Party at the Hosting Site’s expense (usually a pitch-in, plus ice). This has proven to be a very popular way to socialize with fellow DRDC Members.
  13. Enlisting the help of local dancers/teachers to accomplish the above tasks.










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