Missing Or Late Newsletter

Newsletters are usually mailed by the 25th day of the month with 1st Class postage and delivered by the end of the month.

Torn Newsletter

If your newsletter arrives damaged, you may request another copy  be mailed to you by sending an E-mail to Brent Moore at dancemoore@aol.com, or calling him at 865-694-0200.

Change of Address

When you need to change the address for your newsletter, send an E-mail to the Treasurer at treasurer2@dixierounddance.org, or you can change it yourself on this website through the Member Area.

Snowbird Address

If you have two different addresses for different seasons of the year, you may have your newsletter mailed to those different addresses. Please give the Treasurer at treasurer2@dixierounddance.org both complete addresses and the two dates you want them to change.


DRDC allows advertising to be placed in its newsletters for Round Dance events from camera-ready copy (no Cue Sheets). Rates are as follows: Full Page = $28, Half Page = $18. E-mail the camera-ready file in .jpg, .pdf, .doc, etc. format to dancemoore@aol.com and send check (and materials if not in a computer format) to Brent Moore, 10075 McCormick Pl., Knoxville, TN 37923-7402 to arrive by the 5th of the month preceding publication, i.e. February 5th for the March issue.











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