New Members:

To apply for new membership, you can either mail a DRDC Membership Application from the Membership Invitation and payment for dues to the Treasurer, or if you have a Paypal account, apply via the website by selecting "New Member Via Paypal" from the Site Directory on the left. If you have any questions about the process, please contact the Treasurer.

Mail Process:

1. Print the Membership Invitation which includes the DRDC Membership Application.
2. Fill in your information.
3. Decide on either an Electronic newsletter or a Mailed newsletter in the U.S. or the appropriate foreign mailing to determine the amount of dues.
4. Mail to Treasurer.
5. Include your payment for dues.
6. Attend next dance, if desired.
7. Receive the newsletter beginning following month.

Online Process:

1. Select "New Member Via Paypal" from the Site Directory.
2. Select "Display Membership Form" at the bottom of the page
3. Fill in your name, address and other information.
4. Select your membership choice, Electronic copy of the newsletter or Paper/Mailed copy, depending on whether you are a Current Member or New Member.
5. Click on Submit at the bottom to be taken to Paypal to complete the transaction.
6. Attend next dance, if desired.
7. Receive the newsletter beginning following month.

Membership Status:

Dues are due by September 1st. If you wish to inquire about your membership status, please contact the Treasurer.


Membership dues are for one year. Membership runs from September 1st thru August 31st of each year. Membership amount is based on the country that you reside in and in the U.S., whether you choose an Electronic newsletter or a Mailed newsletter.


IF YOU JOIN IN: Sept/Nov Dec/Jan Mar/May Jun/Aug
U.S. Membership $12.00 / $30.00 $9.00 / $22.50 $6.00 / $15.00 $15.00* / $37.50*
Canada Membership $12.00 / $36.00 $9.00 / $27.00 $6.00 / $18.00 $15.00* / $45.00*
Overseas Membership $12.00 / $42.00 $9.00 / $31.50 $6.00 / $21.00 $15.00* / $52.50*

*If you join during the last quarter of the Membership Year (Jun/Aug) the rate is for 15 months. Dues would not be due again until the following year in September. December � May Memberships are renewable again in September.


The Treasurer is Bob Bradley & Marilyn Kurata who can be reached by telephone at
205-823-0591, by E-mail at or
by postal mail at 600 Paden Drive, Birmingham, AL  35226-2820.

Membership Invitation

Print the form, fill in your information and mail it with your payment to the Treasurer.

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