Dance Meetings

Dance meetings are currently held 3 times a year at 2 different locations in the Southeast.

Dance meetings are weekend events that begin Friday night. There is a brief business meeting Saturday morning followed by teaches throughout the day. The weekend teaches include an "easy", an "intermediate", an "advanced" and a "classic" dance - something for everyone!

The week end winds up with an after party following the Saturday night dance.

DRDC dance meetings are $10.00 per couple.

Currrent locations are Birmingham, AL and Chattanooga, TN. Suggestions for new host sites are welcomed.

Meeting Schedule
  • January - Birmingham, AL
  • May - Chattanooga, TN
  • September - Chattanooga, TN

Dance Sessions

The dance levels of the regular programs are designed to interest most dancers. In every tip there is one Phase 3, two Phase 4's, two Phase 5's and one Phase 6. Dances are pre-planned with printed programs.

The Friday evening regular dance program usually starts at 8 PM. An "easy-level" dance is usually taught on the first night.

Saturday morning includes a short business meeting and another teach.

After the lunch break, two more teaches are presented and/or a figure clinic.

The evening session begins at 7:30 with programmed early rounds of Phase 5 & 6.  The regular dance program begins at 8 PM and finishes out the evening at 10 PM.

Dance demonstrations are often performed at the Saturday evening dance by dancers and teachers.

Volunteer Cuers

Cueing is done by volunteer members. Each cuer submits dances to be cued and programs are pre-printed for dancers to use. The camaraderie among the teachers and dancers is a positive growth factor.

Dances To Be Taught

There are usually four dances taught at each DRDC meeting: one Phase III/IV, one Phase V, one Classic, and, if the Classic is not a Phase VI dance, a Phase VI dance. If the Classic is a Phase VI dance, the Phase VI teach will be a Phase V teach. 

The four clinicians must be DRDC members. The intention is to give the person coming from the farthest point first choice of which teach they do, and so on down to the local teacher doing whatever is not already chosen. This is to encourage teachers to come who may have a long drive.

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